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10 Carmine free eyeshadow palettes that are fully vegan

I am allergic to carmine. After having a slight itch on my eyelids after using burgundy eyeshadow they broke out into full blown dermatitis. Every time I did makeup on a client I would cough and wheeze, my nose would drip. I started wearing a face mask because I couldn’t work out what was wrong with me. Eventually I realised that it only happened when I was applying eyeshadow or contour powder. After ridding my kit of carmine containing powder products I no longer have these reactions. Don’t despair, there are plenty of beautiful options available that are not going to cause you an allergic reaction. So many lists on the internet mix vegan and cruelty free items but for people with a carmine allergy this is not good enough.

To avoid carmine I shop for and use vegan eyeshadow palettes. Cruelty free shadows can still contain carmine.


1 - Dreamy eyeshadow palette - Nabla Cosmetics - € 35,90 (ITALY)


Contains a lovely mix of purples, lilacs and warm reds which are all hard to find without carmine. Don’t feel left out of anymore. A good mix of matte pigments, matte shadows and shimmer colours to create romantic cool toned looks.

2 - Light + Shade Eye Contour palette by Kat Von D $68 USD (USA)

Take the guessing out of colour selection with this palette of perfection by Kat Von D. Each section is divided into cool, neutral and warm tones. This is a staple in my carmine free professional kit and is the basis for all of the eye looks I create. The black in this palette is one of the most pigmented you can buy.

3 - Soul Blooming eyeshadow palette - Nabla Cosmetics - € 35,90 (ITALY)


Yes, it is another Nabla palette. This time they bring us spring fresh colours. I was sold after seeing the coral colour Bolero and the cool blue toned lilac matte shadow, Flowery. Garden gate, Philosophy and Honey drip are gorgeous duotoned shadow toppers and Caravaggio is the perfect deep brown for smoking out the corner of the eye. The Art Director, Daniel has his own Youtube channel that you must check out.

4 - Twenty Seven by Melt Cosmetics - $58 USD (USA)


This unique palette contains firey, rich, warm autumn colours that will make brown and blue eyes pop. 1 More Thing is a great transition colour and works with all of the colours in the palette. I love that there is a rich chocolate brown and a more purple brown that you can use to deepen and contour the eye shape.

5 - Blood Sugar palette - Jeffree Star - $52 USD (USA)


Just when you thought you would miss out on pinks, reds and purples, Jeffree brought out a highly pigmented and blendable red themed palette. No carmine is used in this vegan formula so you can safely make yourself look cute, or scary!

6 - Thirsty palette - Jeffree Star - $48 USD (USA)


If you are looking for brights to die for then this palette is for you. The yellow is one of the best yellow formulas I have ever tried. On trend peaches and corals are another draw card for this palette.

7 - Pro Palette - Sugarpill - $120 USD (USA)


Before I studied to be a makeup artist I used to buy Kryolan eyeshadow products on ebay from a sweet lady called Shrinkle. Sugarpill is the amazing vegan brand that Shrinkle went on to create. Her shadows are second to none in brightness and pigmentation. The pans are huge and you can select your own to make your palette.

8 - Infinite Pro Palette Mattes - Cozzette beauty - $48 USD (USA)

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 6.46.15 pm.png

Cozzette is a brand created by the amazing makeup artist Roque Cozzette. His brushes are my all time favourite brushes to use and his products are divine. Each product can be used for multiple tasks when applying a makeup. The colours in the mattes palette are high quality, easy to blend and the perfect choice when working with clients. He is one of the nicest artists I have ever met. They come in 3 sizes.

9 - Holy Grail by Violet Voss - $68 AUD (UK)


When I found out I was allergic to carmine I was devastated, then I found Violet Voss. Her palettes contain SO many colours and are laid out exactly how I would lay them out. If you are looking for wearable, staples then this palette is for you.

10 - Infinity palette by Linda Hallberg - $48 USD (SWEDEN)


Linda Hallberg is a true makeup artist and influencer, she was one of the first people I started watching on youtube. I am so happy that she has launched her own brand and created products designed for professionals. This palette contains the perfect colours to do eyeshadow and blush, contour and highlight on fair skin tones.

So there you have it, my favourite carmine free and vegan eyeshadow palettes. I am not vegan but do think brands that go as far as creating good formulas without hurting any animals should be applauded.

x Katie