Creative Director of Makeup


The Creative Director of Makeup ensures that the overall look and feel of the makeup designs are consistent and of high quality. Katie Saarikko as Creative Director was tasked with the following:

  • ensuring consistency and quality (final sign off)
  • makeup application for catwalk
  • creation of face charts according to designer briefs
  • leading a team of makeup artists
  • sponsor coverage including social media
  • photographic makeup

2017 Team Leader: Thunder Thighs, Darwin Aboriginal Art Foundation, Magpie Goose, Miss Winks, NZ by AP, CIT.

2016 Creative Director and Team Leader: Megan Cannings, Seed, Fleur and Felix, Edition, Rebel Muse, Elley Lane.

2015 Creative Director and Team Leader: Sovata, Rockstars and Royalty, Perpetually Five Plus Clare.