All bookings require a 50% appointment retainer fee which is non-refundable if the booking is cancelled or re-scheduled. This fee retains the artist for your selected date and time and ensures no other jobs are booked.

The retainer is treated as credit towards your final booking cost.

You can pay the full fee up front if you wish or pay the final amount owing in cash at the appointment.

Please ensure you have the correct amount of cash at the booking, final booking cost must be received at the appointment.

Your booking is not confirmed until the booking retainer fee has been received and you have agreed to these terms and conditions by completing this form.


If you need to cancel or re-schedule please keep in mind that the artist has said no to other paid work in order to retain your booking. The retainer fee will not be refunded with less than 30 days notice.

Cancellations when the artist has already left to travel to your appointment will incur the full amount of the booking and you will receive an invoice.

As a freelancer we rely upon your reliability as you do ours. The artist will try to reschedule with you however cannot guarantee availability.


For commercial operations requiring an invoice, please ensure that you pay the invoice within 14 days. 


Read the Full Terms and Conditions (PDF).

By filling in your details below you confirm that you agree with the above terms & conditions and have read the full terms and conditions linked above.

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