Crossdressing Makeup and Photography Sessions


Discrete Services Available

At Saarikko we understand that sometimes you must be discrete about your event makeup bookings. For this reason we have a service available for crossdressers wishing to have their makeup done professionally before they go out on the town or for their photography session.

Professional photographer with experience shooting clients of all kinds is available for your booking needs.

Services include:

Professional makeup including skin prep and lash application ($110)

Wig styling

Safe professionals we can recommend for you:



Hair stylists

If you wish to enquire about this service, please be assured that you identity and information will be kept private. Contact: or 0466 577 051



Asian bridal hair and makeup - new skills to bring to Canberra

I am in the process of learning all there is to know about Asian bridal hair and makeup to bring these skills to my clients in Canberra. I feel as a makeup artist it is important to be versatile and flexible. Knowing the trends and what people from different cultures look for in a makeup look is extremely high on my priority list.

It is for this reason that I am embarking on 3 days of intensive training with multi award winning hair and makeup artist Martha Mok in July 2017. I find Martha so incredibly inspiring, her overall outlook on business and makeup is where I want to see myself with the years of experience she has. She runs a great team too D'Makeupstation to cover huge bridal parties.

My hair skills are pretty good, I don't have the confidence to offer them to brides though and I need to change this. Learning from the Queen of Speed I am looking forward to being able to properly prepare the hair for an updo or braiding. Learn how to work with different hair textures and lengths.

Plus I bought my dream hair dryer the Parlux 385 Light which will be accompanying me on my jobs now.

The other thing I am utterly dying to learn is how to use double eyelid tape. I have bought so many but I want the confidence to use them on clients and to bring this awesome service to Canberra.

It is never too late to learn more and add to your skill set.

List of Fashion and Beauty Magazines for Submissions

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