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Inspiration for new models – Prepare for your shoot by practising posing

Modelling is a difficult job that requires being able to convey feelings to a camera. Having been on countless shoots I often wonder what it is like to be the person in front of the camera. New or inexperienced models often struggle with posing and moving freely in front of the camera. As a photographer we want striking poses and variety. Being stuck on one side, one angle, means boring photos. I have created a list of videos which show behind the scenes footage of models that create great poses. You can see the way the models move freely, creating inventive angles and shapes with their body and face.

The makeup artist will usually want behind the scenes videos that show off the makeup, recorded on a phone. If the model looks bored, scared or like she wants you to go away, that feeling is passed through to the viewer and they won’t want to watch it. Practice your fierce bts faces, engage with the camera, show off the makeup and get killer footage.

I wanted to create this list to send to new models I am working with so they can get inspired and practice.

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