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6 amazing makeup artist hacks to try yourself

1 – Tame your brows with soap

Use Pears Clear and Gentle Translucent Soap to tame your unruly brows like a professional makeup artist. Spritz the soap with a small amount of water. Take a mascara wand and rub it over the soap to create a thin layer on the bristles. Brush the soap into your brows and style them as your heart desires. Once dry your brows will stay put all day. Washes off with water.

2 – Mix liquid lipstick with your favourite cream lipstick to make it last

Do you find that liquid lipsticks are too dry? Did you buy loads of them that are sitting around expiring before you can use them? Try mixing a small amount of a similarly coloured liquid lipstick with your favourite cream lipstick product and it will stay on longer without feeling dry.

3 – Create your own cream blush using lipstick

Makeup artists carry heavy kits around to their jobs so finding products that have multiple uses is important. Instead of spending loads of money on buying expensive cream blush, use the lipstick you already have. You can use several colours to mix the perfect blush for you. Dab a small amount on your cheek and blend in using your hand, a soft brush or a sponge.

4 – Use a sponge to apply your powder

Use a damp beauty blender or sponge to apply loose setting powder to areas of your face that crease. If applying with this technique under your eyes make sure you tap out any creases first. Put your damp sponge into the setting powder and then press it under your eye. The water helps the powder set without being too heavy.

5 – Press setting spray into your foundation with a damp sponge to make it last

Are you sick of your foundation disappearing as the day wears on? Instead of just spraying setting spray onto your face, spray it onto a damp sponge first and press this gently in the areas that it normally wears off. This will push the spray onto the product. Powder and spray as normal.

6 – Thin out your foundation using moisturiser

Use a moisturiser or facial oil to thin out oil and silicone based foundation for a sheer or lighter cover. Not only is it good for your skin to have extra moisture but you can make your existing products more versatile.

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