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The best makeup brushes created by real makeup artists

Makeup artists have been creating their tools for years but these products never seem to be popular in the influencer market. As a makeup artist I look for quality products that work well and last. When selecting makeup brushes I look at the shape of the brushes, are they designed for the steps of makeup in the way I like to work? Is the hair of high quality whether it is real or synthetic? Are they going to be easily stained? Will they handle my harsh treatment with sanitation and washing regularly? I have fallen for the marketing hype so many times and purchased consumer level brushes that did not perform the way I needed them to. Bristles falling out after the first week, firm hairs that don’t blend well and handles that fall apart are just some of my complaints.

Here are my favourite high quality, professional makeup brushes, designed by working artists.


The Australian godmother of makeup, Rae Morris created her own line of innovative magnetic brushes. The brushes stick to metal surfaces such as your palette and stand up. They are easy to find and stay clean while you work. The only downside is that they are made from animal hair. They are made in Japan where creating the highest quality brushes is an art form and the main income for many villages. My favourite is the medium point shader. They are available at Mecca.


Cozzette Beauty brushes are created by the one and only Roque Cozzette. Of all the brushes I own (there are hundreds) these brushes are my favourite. I have had several sets of Cozzette brushes for years now and not one single strand of hair has ever come loose. My brushes get treated pretty harshly with daily sanitisation and washing. The shape of each brush is so well thought out, and perfectly matched to the human face. The eye blending brushes are my die hard, must have brushes. They make working on any eye shape a dream. I cannot live without the D220 Pencil Brush, S185 Mini Eye Blender, S165 Magic Blender and S123 Diamond Stylist. These brushes are fully vegan, made from synthetic hair. Makeup superstar Danessa Myricks uses these brushes.


One of the first makeup artist created brush brands that I supported was Makeup Weapons. Created by Brisbane makeup artist Sheri Vegas, she has since branched out into brow balm and bio glitter. You can tell by looking at the shapes and sizes of the brushes that a working makeup artist designed them. Each brush is shaped perfectly for it’s designated task. I was super happy to see a miniature angle brush when this brand first launched. I also adore the Deluxe Pigment Brush and use it for concealer under the eyes and the Pointed Blending Brush for blending shadow in the crease. Sheri’s brushes are vegan and the handles are made from sustainable bamboo.


Merton Muaremi has thrown his hat into the makeup brush ring with his Essential Brush Collection. While I do not own these brushes, they are on my want list. I love the design breakdowns on his website that cover all of the niggly little issues I find with brushes myself. Things like not being able to find an angle brush that is thin enough is something that bothers me. I would love to find out if his can compete with the Zoeva winged liner brush. I think a lot of the consumer brand brushes are just too big, highlight brushes that cover the whole cheek, lip brushes that are too wide. Merton has thought of everything including avoiding stains. As a professional artist your kit needs to look spotless at all times.

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