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Best online courses to study beauty photography and retouching

Online study is a fantastic way to add skills to your business without outlaying thousands of dollars. Through studying online I was able to go from being a beginner makeup artist, struggling to get good photos for my portfolio, to a beauty photographer, getting paid to take photos for other artists.

What I am looking for in a course is that it is easy to understand and follow, has real world examples, the tutors are highly skilled and exercise files to practice on.

I started out by studying retouching and then moved into beauty photography and posing classes. Not all online classes are created equally. Here are the best online courses in beauty photography and retouching I have taken.

Retouching Academy is my favourite online learning platform, offering free and paid classes for beginners to advanced students. One of my favourite photographers, Julia Kuzmenko, one of my favourite beauty photographers, worked on several of the courses.

I have completed all of the free online learning modules as well as the Master Dodge and Burn course and the Studio Beauty course. The courses are delivered via a mix of video tutorials, exercises and reading material. My photography and editing skills were elevated after accessing these resources. I also use their Beauty Retouch Panel.

Another fantastic online course is by retouching guru, Pratik Naik. This course contains over 100 videos, all broken down into the steps your workflow should take. Easy to understand and follow along with. Pratik is also one of the nicest people on the internet! I also use his Infinite Color Panel for colour grading.

The Retouching Series by Pratik Naik

Tina Eisen is one of my favourite beauty photographers so when I saw that she was creating an online class, it was an instabuy for me. When I saw the price I was gobsmacked, it is incredibly good value for money. The class is not hugely in-depth but covers all of the basics you need to start creating beauty photographs. Lots of people on photography groups I follow have been using her lighting set up with great results.

The Foundations of Beauty by Tina Eisen

Sue Bryce is a powerhouse of photography education. Lots of successful photographers that I know have mentioned going to her classes. When I was struggling with posing fresh models I looked for a class that could help me and found Sue. I took the Posing classes and they gave me amazing tips to guide models while shooting.
Sue Bryce Education
Well that is it from me! If you know of anymore excellent online classes for beauty photographers please comment and let me know.

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