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Just a Gent video – Makeup break down

Had a lovely day working with the crew from Crux Media on this video for Australian artist Just a Gent. I did the makeup for the ballroom scene. Helen Braund did the indoor/house scenes. Loved chatting to the actors (Oliver Baudert and Camilla Blunden) and the stylist Janine.

The idea was that she is taken away into a fantasy in which she is dancing in a ballroom so I needed to glam her up. I gave Camilla a darker red lip and false lashes to create the look. She was meant to look quite unwell and pale throughout the video except for in the dance scene. To create this look I needed to put quite a bit of foundation on her as she naturally looks lovely and colourful. Oliver just had standard film makeup for a male (foundation and powdering to reduce shine).

I then needed to re-create the hair down, makeup less look from the start of the video so I removed all the makeup. Took down the lovely hairdo and added some paler foundation and darkness around the eye area.

Purchase – Limelight US:

Directed by Jimmy Ennett
Produced by Sam Tremayne & Jimmy Ennett

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